you can open an empty window, then fill it using win.document.write().
works fine with NS4.5 and also NS3!
IE5: produces some error at first run, strange

"closed" tells you if a window has been closed in the meantime
works fine with NS4.5 and also NS3!
IE5 too

"opener" contains the name of the window that opened a subwindow.
works with NS4.5, not with NS3
works for IE5

window settings given with open()

"dependent=yes" makes the window dependent of its owner
works with NS4 on windows. no effect on unix apparently.
no effect with IE5 either.

"hotkeys=no" should disable alt-arrow and the like
apparently doesnt work with NS4.5
IE5 ignores it, too

"innerWidth" and "innerHeight"
NS4.5 does something with them
when given in conjunction with regular width and height,
browser will take the biggest values of both to accomodate all needs
the window should be 250 x 250

screenX and screenY
work! even with NS4.5/Unix and my ctwm
huge numbers will place the window at the end of the screen. cool.
NS3 ignores this however